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Why Register?

By JOINING NOW you will show your support to this project. With more registered shoppers there will be more incentive for the farms to actively use this system.

Advantages to Registration:

As a registered shopper, you may choose to receive weekly emails about what produce is available and other news such as new farm sign ups and general website news. As this site develops we will be adding many more options to simplify buying locally. Commuters will be able to set up routes and quickly check for locally grown produce before driving home after work.

Registered farms will increase demand and sales for their produce by making their list of available produce convenient to find. Also for a limited time you may take advantage of our free website hosting offer.

Processors are able to link their businesses to the farms that supply them, enabling shoppers to know where their produce was grown.

Soon Farm Markets will be able to use the system to inform everyone what farms, and what produce will be available at their markets.