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This site is dedicated to the hard working farm owners who provide us with the best and freshest produce available. We will work together with farm owners, local farm markets, and community committees that are already working and supporting local produce. We want to make shopping for locally grown foods simpler and easier for the busiest members of our communities. Encouraging local commerce and agriculture will help the health of the community and our environment.

Our goals with this website is to make buying locally more convenient and helping reconnect the town folks with the farms. There is a lack of respect and understanding for our food, what it takes to produce, and the costs to our environment. 30% of the food produced in North America is actually thrown out. If people had a better understanding of the environmental costs of producing these foods they may learn to be less wasteful.

Times are changing and the era of plenty is coming to an end. We need to encourage change to ensure that there is a future that is healthy and happy for our children.