As an incentive for farms to sign up we are offering a free hosting package for a limited time. But in exchange we are looking for help in developing this site.

What you get FREE:

  • Free Hosting of a small website up to 5 meg of size.
  • Up to 3 email addresses with a 5 meg max inbox each.
  • 1 FTP account
  • Your site will come with a default page displaying your farm's information and available produce. View Sample


  • You agree to use the services and post your farm's available produce and where it is available to purchase at least once a week during your productive season.
  • You agree to provide some input and suggestions on how to make the website work better for you and your customers.

If you decide to stop using our services we will give you 8 months to move your site elsewhere and we will assist in the transfer of the website or you may upgrade your free hosting account to a mini hosting account at a cost of $5.25 per month.

If you would like us to make your website we would certainly be happy to provide an estimate. Our hourly rate is $37.50. If your content is ready and well organized it does not take long to make a small, informative website. To view a list of website that we have been involved in visit: Practifab's Past Projects