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Whole Hog Farm

Whole Hog Farm

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James and Angeline

2411 Tintern rd

Phone: 250-954-0246

We are a foodie family in every respect.
We grow
We cook
We eat

We have a veg delivery, farm gate sales of sausages and more.

When in season, our farm produces organic vegetable,

Our Available Produce:


Last Time

75  lbs   available   Kiwi Thu Nov. 29
100  lbs   available   Pork Sausage - Gluten free Thu Nov. 29
20  pcs   available   Gluten Free Baking Mixes Thu Nov. 29

To Whole Hog Farm

We found your farm's page on localfarmlink.com.

We think this service is a great idea and it would be wonderful if you would keep your online stock current.

When you find time could you please update your listing.

Thank you, from

A lover of locally grown

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