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Fred de St. Croix

8630 Lory RD
Black Creek

Phone: 250 337 2003
Fax: 250 337 0091
Mobile: 250 898 7317


Not only is this the headquarters of localfarmlink.com but we also have a small farm .... or maybe micro-farm since most of the produce that we grow is consumed by our family.

We now have eggs available. If you would like to have some just give us a call and we can set something up.

Please join up with our website. With more shoppers registered we will be able to encourage more farms, with more farms we will be able to encourage more shoppers.

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When in season, our farm produces Gooseberries, Eggs-Brown, Arugula, Carrots, Chard , Green Beans, Kidney Beans, Parsnips, Peas-Snap, Pumpkins, Wax Beans,

Our Available Produce:


Last Time

25    available   Chicken-Roasters Tue Sep. 01

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