Thank you for your interest in this site.

Our vision is to allow small farm owners to have a location on the web where they can post what produce they have on their farms for sale and where to buy it. Shoppers will be able to search a list of currently available, locally grown produce as easily as looking through their weekly grocery store flyer.

The content that you post on this site will remain yours. We have made it very simple to display the content of your online localfarmlink farmstand on your own website. Example: Fermes BLB Farms

Presently we suffer from the chicken and the egg situation (which came first). Shoppers will not visit if there are no farms, farms are reluctant to spend the time if there are no shoppers.

During this first phase we ask that farmers show their support by signing up, write your profile and learn how the system works. Once there are a number of members in your region, localfarmlink will be willing to invest in your region by placing advertisements and/or weekly produce listings in your local newspapers.

Tell your neighbouring farms about this site. The more farms who participate the more valuable this service will become.

Thank you again and your opinion is always important to us.