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How much does this cost?

This service is free for shoppers. This service is free for farms.

Will anyone use this service if my farm is the only one in my region using it?

If you believe this site is a good idea, show your support and SIGN UP! Tell other farms in your region about this site, and encourage them to sign up too. Once a number of farms has signed up we will do an advertising campaign in your region to draw customers to the site.

What is the difference between localfarmlink.com and localharvest.org?

localharvest.org is a very well established and a wonderful and valuable resource. There is information about farms, markets, restraurants and more that sell locally grown foods. It is possible to learn what the farms grow and in which season.

What localfarmlink.com offers is the ability for the farmer to keep a dynamic list of produce (ideally updated once a week) that is available from their farm right now. This information would be invaluable to the busier members of our society who would like to buy more locally grown foods but don't due to the inconvenience. Now when planning thier weekly grocery shopping they can check localfarmlink as easily as looking through a weekly grocery store flier. Or thay can check the for what is available on their drive home from work.

If you own a farm and are curious to see the functionality of this website, join now. Once the registration process is done you will see how simple and quick it is to keep your online farmstand uptodate.

We practice very responsible farming techniques and make an effort to respect our environment. Will this website allow any farm, no matter what principals they follow, join?

Although we can not regulate who joins localfarmlink we want to encourage environmentally conscious and ethical farming practices. Any farm that would like to increase their local sales are welcome to use this site.

By allowing all farms to join shoppers will be able to learn more about where their foods come from, allowing them to view first hand the differences in farming philosophies. Hopefully this will help people to choose and demand that their foods be raised all naturally.

I do not see my country on the map.

You can use this service from anywhere. The main map has changed a few times. This is a global website but at this stage we are concentrating our efforts on North America. If you would like the home page changed to a global map I would be more than happy to do this.

I only sell berries once a year for a month. Can I use this service.

Yes by all means. If you have produce to sell sign up and post your produce when it is ready.

How will people know about this website?

The more farms who sign up, the better. If your town or region has a group of farms all signed up, localfarmlink will place an ad in a local newspaper of your choice. There are also pdf downloads that you can print out and post at your farm stand, farmer's market or at local notice boards.

Will my farm show up in search engine results? Will I be able to google my farm name?

Yes. The url or page name that displays your farm profile will not change and we will make sure that search engines can find it. It may take up to 2 months before your farm will appear and possibly longer depending on the keywords you are searching for.

This site does not meet my requirements is this site design set in stone or is there a way to change things/ improve things?

We want this site to work and support small farms. We welcome any suggestions and recommendations on how to improve this site. Just email us. Check the upcoming improvement page before contacting us. Your idea might already be in the works. We want to make this site work for farmers.

If I sign my farm up and choose not to keep my on line produce up to date what happens?

Your farm will continue to be listed on the map but will not appear during produce searches. There is a description area in your farm profile and you can explain to people what your farm offers.

Who created this and are you a farmer?

A few people have asked me about my past and why I'm doing this. Well ... I grew up spending much of my summers on my uncle's sheep farm, he had 400 of them. This is where I learned many of the most important lessons that make up my positive character traits. There are many fond memories of haying, stone picking, tractor driving and also other crazy farm activities like hay loft swings, tree houses and pond swimming.

Since those youthful days I've spent time working on some other farms including beef, dairy and oyster farms. Recently my wife and I bought property in the hopes of growing something to help make a living. Our two young boys are of the prime importance to us right now and they require more time than first anticipated. We did plant a very successful garden this year and have managed to keep the rabbits and deer out. We used no chemicals and all of our vegetables produced wonderfully ..... so did the weeds. Hopefully next year we will be able to generate some income from our vegetable patch and maybe we will build a chicken coop and raise some poultry.

This site was made because, I could, and I hope that it will help. Our little planet seems to be getting a kicking lately and maybe this site will help. Maybe this will help the small farms that are competing with industrial scale producers.