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Advertising with Localfarmlink

A unique website; a unique advertising opportunity.

Get the most from your advertising dollars with localfarmlink.com with on-line or print ads. Your on-line ads will only be displayed within a geographic region of your choice and will reach an environmentally, and health conscience demographic. Your business will be associated with helping local farms which helps your community's health, commerce and the environment .

Site Display Ads

General Details:
  • We offer local or global advertising. Since our site delivers information geographically we know where our visitors are from. Choose your north, south, east and west boundaries. Your ads will only be displayed within your desired region.
  • We charge based on a CPM rate. CPM stands for Cost Per Mille or thousand impressions.
  • The rate will be determined by the demand of the advertisers through a weighting system. The higher the advertiser weight their ads the more likely the ad will show on the website. The higher you weight your ad the more expensive the Cost per Impression becomes.
  • On a budget? You can set your monthly spending limit and rest assured that your costs will not overrun your budget.
  • All ad campaigns will receive a monthly report, including how many times the ads were displayed per day, and account balance.
  • You will not be charged for ads displayed to robots, spiders or staff of localfarmlink.com.
  • You may submit many different ads to be entered into the ad pool.
  • We may implement a CPC (Cost per Click) system in the future but we are presently not recording clicks.

CPM local: $15
CPM global: $10

10% additional credit will be applied to your account for orders over $50

Ad design: $50 to $150 for Professional Graphic Designer This is recommended but optional. You will receive a $20 advertising credit to your account if you use our designers.

Rates are subject to change with 1 week notice. Previously purchased impressions will not increase.

Ad details.

size: 160 X 600 px

Right and Left hand column placement.

Topbar Banner Ads coming soon!

The ad may contain links, html, images, flash. No popups or sound.


Weight level: 1 to 100

weight 100: CPM + (50% CPM)
weight 50: CPM (default)
weight 1: CPM – (50% CPM)

Print Ads

Another option for advertising with localfarmlink is through weekly print ads in local newspapers or fliers.

Inactive Areas:

Within inactive areas we need to promote our website to farmers and encourage participation. The advertisments running in these areas will be printed in small local regional papers or in farm industry related publications and directed towards small farms.

Costs: (Print Ad Costs + 30%)

You receive:

  • 20% of the print adspace will be for your business. eg: (this ad was brought to you by: Your company LOGO)
  • You will recieve a credit of 20% of the costs towards your online ad campaign.
  • Your online advertisment will be run both globally as well as on highest rotation locally within the printad's coverage area.

Active Areas:

Areas that have farms actively using the system requires consumer targeted print ads. Here the print ads will display a list of available produce and direct shoppers towards our website for more information.

Costs: (Print Ad Costs + 10%)

You receive:

  • 20% of the print adspace will be for your business. eg: (this ad was brought to you by: Your company LOGO)
  • You will recieve a credit of 5% of the costs towards your online ad campaign.

Please note that we will be responsible for the design of the print ad with your approval.

We reserve the right to refuse advertising to companies that do not share our ideals or do not fit in with website goals.

Contact Fred Now

p. 250 898 7317